Common Problems

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    Bad map data

    Michael Conlan · 1 · Last reply by Michael Conlan

    Hi, we are based in Brisbane and have just moved over to your service. There is a very small island in a park that has been categorized as a real island. The label is themed to show quite high even above suburb labels and is quite jarring as this is not really an island, but part of the park. I know the data is sourced publicly, but neither mapbox or OSM is showing the label for this feature.

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    Reverse Geocoding returns no results anymore

    Martin Shad-Manfaat · 2 · Last reply by Martin Elias


    we are evaluating the maptiler cloud product for some use cases with our software product (colaboration software). While we had some good experience with your revserse geocoding service we now get only empty results when requesting.

    The server response does show a count of 0 with every request we send. Since this problem showed up yesterday after it worked correctly we assume something may have changed.

    Can you please check and tell me what's wrong?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,