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    Geocoding - Get country name

    The new geocoding results are way easier to consume, but now not having the contry of each result is quite limiting. Is it possible to add that back?

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    Upload API

    Jelte Liebrand · 0 · Posted

    Hi there,

    I'd love to see a cli "upload api", which would allow us to 

    - upload new mbtiles

    - upload mbtiles to existing datasets (to update them)

    - ability to delete/remove existing tilesets from the cli as well

    - ensuring that any caches (on the CDN and internal servers) get invalidated as soon as a new tileset is uploaded

    - ideally having the upload go to a cdn endpoint as well (eg such that the upload is fast relative to where it's coming from, which in our case would be from aws s3)

    I understand you might be looking

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    Geocoding - filter by type of record (only place names)

    Stevo Krajanec · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to have a filter for "type" in the Geocoding API.

    I need to search only in settlements (towns, cities, villages, etc.) and don't want to get results mixed with rivers, peaks, streets, etc.

    Please add such filter into your APIs.

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    Analytics by Key, not Origin

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Firstly, thank you for building maptiler – I love the logo(!) and it’s just what I was looking for as an alternative to Google Maps.

    Our application is used across 1500 subdomains (and counting), so seeing the map usage by origin isn’t very helpful for us. What I’d really like to be able to see is the usage/analytics by key as that would really help me understand where maps are being loaded within the different parts of our application.

    Alongside this, it would be really helpful under Account > Keys to be able to see the Description that has been

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    Provide free Sample Code for Mapbox SDK

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Currently, I cannot find a sample code on how to use Maptiler cloud with the Mapbox SDK for Java or iOS. The only option to find a simple is to buy the source code of the demo app for about 500 USD.

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    Add a shapefile as layer

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Have a ability of input a shapefile as a layer.

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    Add Traditional vs Simplified Chinese Language Option

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Currently we can adapt the language on previous OSM map tiles to Chinese, but it does not allow for selection of traditional vs simplified. OSM has data for both languages, so it would be helpful to make this more easily accessible.

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    Upload dataset from GeoJSON file - NodeJS

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    It would be awesome to have a Node library to allow a dataset upload from a GeoJSON file. Similar to mapbox-upload.

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    Support new formats

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Raster layers are fine but it would be great if MapTiler could import .shp, .gpx, .dxf files also. Also, the content of this site could be embedded in MapTiler (but the site should remain online !!) :