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    How to zoom/change scale

    Jacob Christensen · 2 · Last reply by Jiri Komarek


    How can zoom/change the scale of the MapTiler desktop client window? The text and visuals are very small and it gets better when changing the scaling settings in Windows, but I do not want to have the rest of my programs become larger. Is there a zoom/scale setting somewhere? 

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    Hosting our own data up to the cloud

    John Mann · 0 · Posted


    For a few weeks now I have been trying to find a alternative to our current work flow for serving up tiles to use in various software packages. We have  a lot of field collectors that use our basemaps out in the field for reference when data collecting. Things like Study areas, lines representing underground utilities etc.

    Our current work flow is to take our data and export it to shp files and then style them in mapbox and injuest them in fulcrum as tile xyz layers.This does work but it can be a pain at time and is