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    CORS Problem


    Since some weeks, with Firefox, I have CORS problem with yours maps. Works greate with Chromium.

    I think Firefox now require CORS on JSON too.

    Blocage d’une requête multiorigines (Cross-Origin Request) : la politique « Same Origin » ne permet pas de consulter la ressource distante située sur Raison : échec de la requête CORS.

    Eg from this page :


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    Bugged terrain for Cesium

    Tomas Kavan · 2 · Last reply by Tomas Kavan


    we've tried your free terrain for Cesium and it seems it does not take geoid into account - as if source DEM heights were interpreted as ellipsoidal heights instead of orthometric heights (above geoid, which is what DEMs usually contain). As a result, using the terrain with any georeferenced data (e.g. 3D Tiles) results in gaps or the dataset being under the terrain - see attached screenshots and experiment below. Our setup: Maptiler terrain + our 3D Tiles -> gap Cesium terrain + our 3D Tiles -> OK Maptiler terrain + our 3D Tiles shifted by ellipsoid/geoid difference-> OK (our

  • How-to submit a good bug report

    Jiri Komarek · 0 · Posted

    Submitting a good bug report will speed up resolving your issue. There are few tips how to do it:

    Note: issues in MapTiler Desktop should be sent from inside of the program if possible!

    Open a new bug report for each issue

    Is there more you want to tell us? Please, open a new bug for each issue so we can go one by one and make sure nothing was skipped.

    Make sure it is a bug

    Try to reproduce your issue if possible. Write down all the steps which lead to the bug (see the section below).

    Make sure it is

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    Send a notification via email when a new invoice is issued

    Jiri Komarek · 1 · Last reply by MapTiler Developers

    Will be nice to get a notification when a new invoice is issued, so I can download it and send it to the accounting department