Save processed data so you can come back to it in the event of a powerfailure or crash

In the event of a power failure, system crash or forced restart, any processed data is not written and saved. This requires the user to redo the complete process again which can add to days of work. I had tiles processing for 5 days and had a data near 90% completion, but lost it all when there was a minor power outage in the street. 
At least a button that lets you 'Save Configuration' and 'Load Configuration'. 
Keep up the good work.

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Hello Alan,

Thanks for your idea!

We have implemented new options in MapTiler Pro 7.2: -resume and -keep_unfinished.

MapTiler Pro can now continue in the rendering process after failure. But it requires to be run on the same machine, with the same settings (can be saved as Project). 
MapTiler Pro GUI can continue in the rendering process if you select the same output directory/path.

We plan to implement full stop/continue of the rendering process, that could be moved to another machine, but there is no date for this feature unless there will be more customers for this feature.