MapTiler GeoEditor

MapTiler GeoEditor is an online web application for collaborative creating and editing geographical data. It allows creating points, lines and polygons on top of raster maps. For each element, you can include additional info or a photography.

Prepare your image

First, you need to process your raster image with MapTiler Desktop, turn it into map tiles and upload it to any web hosting of your choice.

After your work is uploaded to the server, open the web viewer and in the right menu select Edit and click on Open in GeoEditor. This will redirect you to the MapTiler GeoEditor, where you can immediately start with editing.

Opening MapTiler GeoEditor

Create geometry features

The draw tools are available in the bottom right corner and include polygons, lines and points next to the standard mouse pointer button.

In the top right corner, there is opacity slider which can be used for adjusting the opacity of foreground map.

Zoom in and zoom out buttons are on the left side, the same functionality is available using the mouse wheel.

The main menu in the top left corner allows you to change the foreground as well as the background map.

Adding a point is a simple task: you just select point functionality, click on a place where you want to place your point and click. Additionally, you can name the feature or add more info to it.

Drawing a line is equally simple: you are clicking on the map where you want to lead your line. Accuracy improvement can be done either by moving existing vertexes, which is a technical name for a point or adding a new one (this option is visible when you are hovering the mouse over the line). Deleting a vertex can be done by clicking on it. Note that another line you will try to create close to the existing one will be automatically snapped to it.

The only specialty about drawing a polygon is a need to close it, which means to place the last vertex to the same spot as the first one.

You can delete the whole geometry if you select it by the mouse and then click on Delete button and confirm the action.

MapTiler GeoEditor in action

Save your work

The MapTiler GeoEditor is fully integrated with Google Drive. If you are logged in with your Google account and click on the Save button, it will be automatically saved to your drive.

You can always save your work to your hard drive by clicking the Download button. It will save in the GeoJSON format, which a human-readable text format where latitude and longitudes are visible.

Open a file

You can use the drag&drop function to open the vector overlay from the desktop quickly. The GeoJSON, TopoJSON and GPX formats are supported. To open the file from Google Drive, use the OPEN button. Google Drive plugin can make the opening faster (read more below).

Collaborative editing

The GeoEditor online application allows you to work with your map collaboratively. It means that you can easily invite your colleague or friend by a simply sharing the URL with anyone. The collaborative editing works just like the collaborative editing in Google Docs.

Mobile app

There is a mobile app for both Android and iPhone/iPad. The integration with Google Drive allows you to easily transfer work from one device to another. Therefore you are able to take the map from desktop to your mobile device, do some filed data collection or edits in the terrain and finish your work again on your desktop.

Independence of coordinate system

Default coordinate system is Web Mercator with EPSG code 3857. Opening the tiles with custom coordinate system processed by MapTiler Desktop is possible. The coordinate system for creating of the feature is the same as a coordinate system of the base layer.

Google Drive Plugin

MapTiler GeoEditor is also available as a Google Drive app to quickly display the GeoJSON from your Drive. Just go to GeoEditor Google Chrome Web Store page and add the app to your browser. It is designed for simple use on Google Chromebooks.

MapTiler GeoEditor

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