Create a 3D online globe

A tutorial, how to create a 3d online globe and visualize in WebGLEarth.

The easiest way to create an online 3d globe from an image is to prepare the texture of the whole world with a size ratio of 2:1 since there are 360 to 180 degrees. Such texture can be downloaded from David Ramsey's website.

First, open the MapTiler, choose Mercator tiles and drag and drop the image inside. Confirm the suggested projection and choose bounding box. You can directly confirm the bounding box values, as the area covers the whole world. Click on continue, choose MBTiles or folder, type the name and start rendering.

The next step is to upload the created map to any hosting, in the video tutorial is used the Amazon S3, but you can use a standard web hosting with tileserver PHP application.

After rendering, go to your tileserver and choose the globe. Then, click on preview in WebGLEarth.

The online globe is fully covered with the prepared texture. Its now possible to turn, zoom, pan and simply play with the Globe according to your wish. You can also copy and paste the source code into your website and the globe runs without any plugins directly in html5.

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