Geospatial PDF

Geospatial PDF is supported input format for MapTiler. The file in GeoPDF format contains raster or vector data. They are widely used in architecture, urban planning or for maps of specific areas, like campus maps. Very often, it is an output of CAD programs like MicroStation or AutoCAD.

Reservation map

Processing Geospatial PDFs

Processing Geospatial PDF processing procedure is similar to the work with raster images. However, there are some differences to highlight:

  • The location of GeoPDF loads mostly automatically. In case you want to change it, all methods are still available.
  • Cutline is also imported from PDF, but it can be also changed in visual georeferencer using Clip function if it is required.
  • The DPI setting is loaded from GeoPDF. If it is defined there, the default value is set to 150.

Auto-loaded location


Thanks to the inner architecture of Linux and package systems, MapTiler uses the system libraries. However, processing of Geospatial PDFs is done by our own version of a library, which cannot be easily distributed across all supported distributions. In case you want to process Geospatial PDFs on Linux, we recommend you to use the Docker version, which includes all required libraries. In case you need to use graphical user interface, we recommend in this specific case to download Windows or Mac version.

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