Submit a report

Directly from the MapTiler Desktop

In case of any issue with the rendering, it is possible to send us a report directly from the MapTiler application.

The form can be found in Help -> Submit a report.

Submitting a report on Mac

Submitting a report on Windows 

To successfully solve your issue, we need to have as much information as possible. Therefore, you will be asked to fill in the steps which precede your problem, because it will help us to reproduce the issue on our machine. Please, add some meaningful title to your problem which describes the issue in few words. Furthermore, add your email so we can contact you and ask some more details or simply communicate with you the output.

The other tab, “System”, is pre-filled with information about your system. This helps us to understand why the error appears because some issues are specific for some hardware or software combinations.

In the “Input” tab, select the files you were using when the problem occurs. Only files which are used for the current project are selectable. Therefore, either send the report from your work-in-progress rendering process or start a new one with the same files and then send a report.

From a command line

Generating a bug report in the command line is described in the MapTiler manual.

If you are running MapTiler from a command line and you encounter a problem, you can let the program to generate a file with all the information for successful problem solving. This can be done using the -report argument.

The argument -report generates the text report, which should be sent via the web form (see the section below).

From the web

In case you cannot send a report directly from the MapTiler, there is a web form. Please select a product (Desktop), write a descriptive title and try to be as detailed as possible because every information helps us to identify the problem and quickly come up with a solution. You can also attach files which cause the issue.

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