Overlay an image over a map

Creating own map by overlaying an image over an online map is extremely easy with MapTiler Desktop.

First, open the MapTiler and choose Standard Tiles or simply drag & drop an image: aerial photo, a drawing made in GIS, Photoshop, AutoCAD, a picture of an old map or any other image.

Select Standard Tiles

If you clicked on Standard Tiles, then drag & drop the image inside of MapTiler Desktop or select your image with a file browser.

Drag & drop your image

Confirm suggested Coordinate system or select the one which best fits your needs and in the next step click on the Assign location visually button to give your map the right position.

Assign location visually

Assign control points to the same places on both of the maps: your image and online map. There is a minimum of three control points to ensure your image will be placed in the same spot as it is in reality. The more control points you add, the more precise result you get.

Georeference your image

After assigning the control points you can check the position on the map and adjust again if necessary. If everything seems to be OK, click on the Continue button.

Click on Continue button

Now, choose whether you want to render your map into the Folder, MBTiles or GeoPackage format. After you select the output format, you need to select an empty directory or create a new one and click on the Render button.

Overlay over map

When the rendering is complete, you can check the result either by clicking on the View the map button or opening the output file: the index.html can be viewed in any web browser, MBTiles and GeoPackage needs to be either opened in GIS software or uploaded to a web hosting first.

View the map

Your picture is now an overlay of the online map with a perfect match on its geographical position.

Overlay over map

Now you can either use your map from the same computer, upload it to our free hosting or any other web hosting or cloud service, import it into an Android or iOS mobile device or use in the Garmin GPS device.

Advanced users can utilize the power of command line with MapTiler Engine.

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