Edit Style: Advanced changing of the map

The easiest way to change the map design is to use the Customize tool. It is able to change colors of any layer, switch language or labels’ fonts.

However, if you want to do more complex changes like hiding point of interest, defining an exact color for each road type, or adding own data to the map, you need more complex tool. It is available in MapTiler Cloud administration after you sign in, click on Maps and select any of it. Click on three vertical dots and select Edit a copy. This will open the MapTiler Edit style tool.

MapTiler Cloud administration with Edit a copy

MapTiler Cloud administration with Edit a copy

Change map design, working with layers

Same thematic features are grouped into Layers. Each layer has own parameters such as color, size, feature type, visibility and more. Layers are listed in the left side panel in the Edit style tool under Layers tab. By clicking on each layer, you will see information about the layer and change the attributes

The number of layers and what is included depends on what base map you start to edit. Each map style contains different data, which are mostly based on OpenStreetMap. You can add another layer with the button “add layer” on top.

By hovering a mouse over the layer, you can delete the layer, create a duplicate or make it invisible. By drag and drop, you can also shuffle layers order, which will have an effect on the final map.

MapTiler Edit style tool

MapTiler Edit style tool

Edit layer

Find and change of layer is simple. For start find layer in a left bar or click on the feature in the map (1). Properties of the selected layer will be displayed next to the sidebar. There are few base features same for each layer - id, symbol, sources, min zoom, max zoom. Min zoom and max zoom defines the visibility of a layer (2).

The filter defines filtering on a thematic layer. For the layer’s definition, classes and attributes see https://openmaptiles.org/schema/. There is a list.

At least you need to set or edit how to layer will be a draw (3). For example colors, font size, line size. It can be also set dynamically with zoom options.

MapTiler Edit style toolMapTiler Edit style tool

Inspect the map to learn more about what can be changed

In the top right corner, you can switch between Inspect mode and Map mode. The Map mode shows the map as it will look like after being saved. By hovering a mouse over a map element in the Inspect mode you will get all information about selected map element, which you can use for map design.

MapTiler Edit style tool in Inspect modeMapTiler Edit style tool in Inspect mode

Add custom geodata to create own map

To add custom geodata to your map, they need to be first uploaded to MapTiler Cloud. This can be done in the administration by clicking on Datasets -> New dataset. Supported format is MBTiles with raster tiles in PNG or JPG. You can turn an image into MBTiles using MapTiler Desktop.

Once uploaded, they become available from Sources in the top right corner in the Edit style tool. By clicking on any available source, they will move to Active sources. When you have all the desired sources activated, close the window. Now you need to add to layers by clicking on Add Layer in the top left corner. Write down the layer ID (how do you like to call this layer in the Layers menu), select a Type (in case of MBTiles from MapTiler Desktop it is Raster) and Source(which is the name of the source with a “+” sign on the beginning in case of our own layer).

Now you have your own layer activated and work with it as with any other.

MapTiler Edit style tool with own dataMapTiler Edit style tool with own data

Use JSON style definition to write your own map style

All adjustments can also be done using JSON format. The JSON editor is available on the bottom of the Layer tab.

You can also upload your own map style in JSON format. This can be done in the MapTiler Cloud administration by clicking on the Maps -> New Map -> Upload own style.

MapTiler Edit style tool with JSON editorMapTiler Edit style tool with JSON editor

Save your edits and publish to a production environment

When you are happy with your changes, click on the Save button in the top right corner. Your changes are now saved.

In the MapTiler Cloud administration, you can now click on the map and either click on the three vertical dots to Edit style again or to Publish your map. If you deploy the map, all services we offer you will be automatically available for your map as well.

Publish your map to get all services available

Publish your map to get all services available

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