Make own map design

With MapTiler Cloud, you can change colors, language, and font of your map in a few mouse clicks.

Customize tool link in MapTiler Cloud administration

Customize tool link in MapTiler Cloud administration

User-friendly Customize tool

The customize tool is available after you sign in, click on Maps and select any of it. The Customize a copy button will bring you directly to the tool, where you can see a group of layers and color which currently presents this group. By clicking on the color palette, you will get a color selection dialog, where you can define a new color for a selected group. The color selection tool capabilities are operating system dependent and range from a simple window with color selection and its representation in hex format to the complex tools with color-picking options. You can also turn off the layer completely.

All changes can be reverted to the default value using a reset button.

In the down left corner, you can find few presets (the number depends on which map you start with) which you can further customize.

Languages, fonts and 3D buildings

From the Customize tool menu, you can access the Language and Mics tab. There are currently more than 50 languages supported with an option to include alternative names for non-latin alphabets. The language selection is also possible for raster tiles. Mics tab offers font selection and a button for switching off 3D buildings.

When you are done with the customization, click Save button and Close for leaving Customize tool. To make your map available for use, click on the Deploy button, which is the last step. Then your map is available for insertion into your webused on a webinside a mobile appas a static image or as a WMTS service. This map is now available on My maps, where you have all mentioned services available, you can further Customize it or Delete if you find it unnecessary.

All changes based on our basic maps done using Customize tool will stay compatible with future versions of MapTiler Cloud.

Customize tool with a user-friendly interfaceCustomize tool with a user-friendly interface

Build your map design from scratch

You also have an option to build your own map design from scratch either in the graphical user interface or by writing or uploading GeoJSON code.

Powerful Edit tool for advanced usersPowerful Edit tool for advanced users

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