Map is showing an incorrect organisation at a map location

How do you correct an incorrect organisation showing at a Map Tiler map location? The map data is correct in OpenStreetMaps, and apparently MapTiler uses their maps, but MapTiler's maps are out of date. How do I correct this?

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Hi Jiri,

Thanks. It's been two months since the update was made in OpenStreetMaps - see below - but these changes are still not showing in MapTiler as of today, which from your previous reply suggests that there's something still wrong. (https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/65265916#map=19/50.72126/-1.86064)

When viewing an embedded MapTiler map, the location shows Citygate Church, not St Swithun's Church...

Is there any update on when I might expect this incorrect address in Map Tiler to be updated?

Hi Gavin,

There was a similar question (maybe about the same issue?) recently. The answer is the same:

Normally, any change should be visible in max. three weeks in vector tiles and max. four weeks in raster tiles (here is explained why).

This period is now a bit longer because of the quality check process has been prolonged by Christmas.

Best regards,