What is the difference between MapTiler Desktop and Self-hosting packages?

If we buy a Self-hosting package, do we still need to install MapTiler Desktop, for instance, to do custom shapes?

What is the difference of these two?

If we buy a license for Desktop, for instance PRO, is $3450 a one-time payment? And will we be able to update the Desktop to its latest version for free?

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Hi Tiffany,

We have several products:

MapTiler Desktop - you drop in an image or vector file and it renders map tiles you can use on your hosting, on any public or private cloud or in MapTiler Cloud.

MapTiler Cloud - map hosting. You can use our basemaps, easily customize the map look or upload there your own maps (made by MapTiler Desktop or any other software - currently, we support maps in MBTiles format, in a few months we will support GeoJSON and other vector formats).

OpenMapTiles data and OpenMapTiles Server - self-hosted maps.

Plus a few more tools.

If you buy a license for Desktop, you have a lifelong license for the software. To get updates, you need to pay a subscription (which is much lower than the initial price). 

Hopefully, it helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Best regards,