Lost Georeference Data After Upgrade to 10.0-17

After upgrading and opening a TIFF that had been previously manually geo referenced with about 1200 reference points, it no longer loaded them in the new version, instead acting like I had not done any georeferencing with this image.

Test 1: Try Georeferencing In Different Files

  • I had 3 different test files, named 1870-1.tif, 1870-2.tif, and 1870-3.tif, each with previously existing manual reference data.
  • I made a few manual reference markers in 1870-3.tif and saved.
  • Then I opened 1870-2.tif and it asked me if I wanted to restore previous reference data. After saying yes, it restored the items from 1870-3.
  • After opening 1870-1.tif, it again asked me if I wanted to restore previous reference data, and after saying no, it presented me with a blank slate, essentially erasing any previous data.

Test 2: Restore Backup Files

  • I deleted 1870-3.tif, then restored a backup from weeks ago that had around 1200 reference points.
  • It asked me if I wanted to restore previous reference data. I said yes.
  • It restored the test data from Test 1 above, instead of the data from the backup.

Test 3: Revert Back to MapTiler 9.1

  • After reverting back, the previous markers loaded without issue.

Where is MapTiler getting this data? I was under the understanding that MapTiler stored the reference data in the TIF file. For PNG files I see an OVR file created, but not for TIFs. This seems to be a huge issue for those with maps with lots of markers.

I would love to be able to export my manual references to a dedicated file so that it could be backed up with confidence, and brought in when backward-compatibilty-breaking changes are made.

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We have fixed the problem, which is now available with the latest binary download from the web page from now.

I got an answer from the devs. Just wanted to post it here in case someone else comes across this: it was a bug that has been addressed and will be out in the next update (if not already).

Hi Mike,

Our devs will answer the report you send via our support channel immediately after they are back from the Christmas holiday.

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