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Each extract purchased or downloaded from OpenMapTiles.com is in the MBTiles file format. It is a package of a huge amount of individual tiles. The individual tiles inside of this MBTiles package can be of different file formats:

  • PBF (OpenStreetMap, Contour lines)
  • PNG (Hillshading)
  • JPG (Satellite)

You are actually neither supposed to open this MBTiles package nor print it as it is not an image!

This map data package enables you to display an interactive map e.g. in a mobile app or desktop application which you are developing for your clients. It is intended to be served from your own server e.g. with the OpenMapTiles Map Server software.

You can also check the preview of the interactive map by opening the MBTiles package with the MapTiler Desktop software which allows you to upload it then to different cloud hosting platforms including MapTiler Cloud or even send it to the mobile application.

Read more about this at https://support.maptiler.com/s2-desktop/knowledgebase/default/c3-hosting or https://support.maptiler.com/i23-host-own-geodata.

Exporting an MBTiles file into a directory of files can be done by the mbutil utility using this command:

$ mb-util world.mbtiles tiles # tiles folder cannot already exist