How-to submit a good bug report

Submitting a good bug report will speed up resolving your issue. There are few tips how to do it:

Note: issues in MapTiler Desktop should be sent from inside of the program if possible!

Open a new bug report for each issue

Is there more you want to tell us? Please, open a new bug for each issue so we can go one by one and make sure nothing was skipped.

Make sure it is a bug

Try to reproduce your issue if possible. Write down all the steps which lead to the bug (see the section below).

Make sure it is not caused by any third-party software (e.g. JavaScript viewers) or your data (e.g. corrupted GeoTIFF file). If possible, try it with different software or data.

Be precise

Please tell us with what steps will reproduce the issue. It should include software you use/operating system/browser/JavaScrip viewer/mobile OS/..., all the steps you did before the issue appears, expected output and a description of what you see instead.

Attach a screenshot of an issue, the file you were processing or a publicly accessible link to a place your issue is visible.

If there is a problem with your key/ license, please provide us with the key/license or any other way we can identify you in our purchase system.

Be brief

Provide as much information as possible for effective problem solving, but not more than needed. Try to describe your issue precisely but briefly.

Be technical, emotions will not help us to speed up issue solving.

Make sure it is not answered already

Since our bug report system is publicly available, make sure it was not reported already.

If so, add additional information to the original issue if they are missing and/or vote for the issue so we know how many people are affected.

Creating a new ticket for the already reported issue will take us time which can be used for fixing the issue.

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