Add WMTS endpoint to "Tiles", not only "Maps"

Satellite layer without labels should be exposed via WMTS directly - without a need to make a map out of it...

There should be probably WMTS GetCapabilities at https://cloud.maptiler.com/tiles/, not only on /maps/.

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For "Maps" in administration - you always find WMTS GetCapabilities down on the page of the map.
You find it under "Web Map Service" section:
You can quite easily create a map from any of the tiles. 
The parameters and metadata for each of the "Tiles" are now defined in TileJSON (a link is on each dataset). This JSON document will tell what is the tileSize (width and height of each tile in pixels) and also other attributes.
Spatial Reference System (srs) is optional in TileJSON - and if not defined it defaults to Spherical Mercator.
MapTiler Desktop (https://www.maptiler.com/desktop/) can generate tiles with  non-mercator SRS.
We may add WMTS to "Tiles" directly. It is a good idea.