Output positioning difference between Google Maps & Open Street Map

I was wondering why it is when I render files with the visual georeferencer (e.g. using google maps to assign) and then deciding later to also use it within open street map that the output has a significant difference. This is very obvious when I work with floorplans. While it's a perfect overlay then on google maps, it is several meters off on osm.
I was wondering if the projections are different, but it seems they both use the same 2D projection ("EPSG:3857"). 
Does anybody have the same issue and solved it in a way that it's not necessary to render the files for both situations. (e.g. creating a maptiler config for google maps and also one for openstreetmap). Or is it simply unavoidable?

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The problem is in (in)accuracy of underlying maps. Both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap have some inaccuracy which can result in such a difference.