MapTiler via Mapbox mobile controls & MapBox AccessToken

It is possible to use MapTiler on the Web via Mapbox GL JS components. For that, we simply omit MapBox accessToken and specify MapTiler's style URL. That all works perfectly.
Now, we are also trying to build some mobile apps using MapTiler via Mapbox mobile SDKs. Those simply would not start w/o a MapBox accessToken provided. And that kind of defeats the idea of using MapTiler as a cheaper alternative to MapBox. 
Is anyone aware of a workaround? Or is it totally wrong to use Maptile via Mapbox on mobile?

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Usage in all open-source Mapbox SDKs is possible out of the box - by asking the map to render the styles/sources from the URLs.
You may need to supply some random text in the accessToken variable. It is never going to be used...
Ensure you disable telemetry - if you don't want to send any information to Mapbox servers.
In case you need MBTiles loading and complete offline mobile app example - with source code for both Android and iOS - get it at https://openmaptiles.com/mobile-app/