Request Counting

When embedding a vector street view map, 4 OSM tiles are indeed fetched.  Files like: "https://maps.tilehosting.com/data/v3/ ... .pbf?key"
When I use a vector topo map, more files are retrieved:

4 OSM .pbfs
4 contours .pbfs
4 hillshades .pngs
Does this result in a billing of 12 map loads to display this topo map (as opposed to 4)?
As a follow-up question, do the sprite .png files also count as a map load?

1 reply

4 OSM .pbfs, 4 contours .pbfs, 4 hillshades .pngs result in the billing of 12 requests (tile loads).
The following request types are not counted and not billed: Fonts, Style JSONs, TileJSONs, Embedded viewers (HTML page) and sprite .png files.