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Thanks for the update

So, we just deployed an update which allows adding colorful markers to static maps on MapTiler Cloud! 

More info in this blog post, documentation is available on the Static Maps API page or in our support system.

Enjoy! :-)

Markers are available for the Static maps, see the instructions at https://cloud.maptiler.com/maps/basic/static.

Currently, it is not possible to customize the pin color. This feature is planned for the near future.

Hi, I just tried to follow the instructions, but I cannot access to this url: https://cloud.maptiler.com/maps/basic/static, it says I am not Authorized. What does that mean?

You have to be logged in to MapTiler Cloud and have at least Flex plan. 

For complete plans and supported features list visit https://www.maptiler.com/cloud/plans/

Hi, could you provide an example how to use PIN in the static map? from the link you provided there is only something "


  • markers - comma-separated lng,lat, pipe-separated pairs
    • e.g. 14.4,50.1|8.6,47.4|2.4,48.9 - 3 separate markers will be displayed


I am not even sure how to use it.

Hi Linda, 

you are right, it is not clear from the tutorial (I will improve it). 

At the end of your URL, you just add &markers=14.4,50.1|8.6,47.4|2.4,48.9 and it will show you three markers.

E.g. https://maps.tilehosting.com/styles/basic/static/4.8244,52.9921,4/400x300.png?key=YOURKEY&markers=14.4,50.1|8.6,47.4|2.4,48.9 (you need to change YOURKEY for your real key)

Thanks! it is working now

Can you comment on when (weeks/months?) the pin color will be customizable?

Thank you!

To update the statement, "near future" for pin customization seems to be Q1 2019 (this is a plan, not a promise).